Final T.137

Although my frame now contains a 3D string cube, i will still keep developing upon the work. I will repeat the string again to create a thicker and more solid object. i will also get a stand for my work, and by stand i mean a circular piece of timber which can then have all of my little characters roaming around on and emerging from my design. the people will be emerging from my work as they have chosen to break free from the world and play with it. DSC_0028 DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0037


T137 – the Adjustment team final

Working with different methods of producing a square string structure. all came up short, so i decide to create my own structure to house the cube. i ordered some fence posts from the local p&p timber to get myself started from there assembling them and creating a large 80cm x 80cm cube frame.

11255159_1071783589503853_1145747012_n 11258601_1071783732837172_168188702_n 11119860_1071783789503833_904977931_nI had to first sand down the blocks and then drill them together to create the structure. from there i was able to then wrap string around the surface creating an weird visual affect.

11269471_1071783822837163_592855308_n 11263829_1071783959503816_1275355389_n 11267298_1071784079503804_2068921085_n

i want my box to be an illustration of what life can be, that we sometimes may perceive that our life is a set course but in fact we can decide where we go. and each string represents a different direction we can go. i decided to use the colors red, white and blue as it is used in many 3D books which also react with 3D glasses when used to create a weird perception of the object. This the 2D strings turn into a 3D structure not only by using the frame around it but by the color as well. i would also for my exhibition be able o have a selection of glasses for viewers to use as well as having many of my previous characters interact with the piece such as swimmers and workers.


String Theory (T136)

My next attempt at creating a 3D/2D world was as much of a failed attempt as the previous installation. But luckily with failure you can only carry on and strive to do better. I chose to create this structure on top of the stairs as the barriers made a already made box to create from. I first had to create a skeleton for my work by using thin colored thread i could make it structurally accurate for my ideal outcome. From there i used white string to create a three dimensional box. i felt this was working alot better than my previous attempt but unfortunately it was to be taken down as it was a health risk.  11258993_1071783046170574_1454370476_n11245178_1071783112837234_1057804224_n11122566_1071783292837216_2118925078_n

String theory (T135)

my first attempt at producing a thread installation didn’t go overly well. I first tried to experiment with how i would be able to produce my idea which is to create a 3D object using a 2D object which is string. I was using the easels to create a square structure which allowed me to create a string box.


After spending the rest of the day figuring out how it may work by making a smaller mock up version. My work was unfortunately taken down as their was an unexpected life drawing class on the day after.


Julien Salaud

Salaud creates these UV thread installations which almost show a narrative or a story across the cave walls. His work illuminates the surroundings giving the piece more character and uniqueness. Although i haven’t been able to experiment with UV thread, the work that Salaud produces has really inspired me to try my own thread installations.Julien-Salaud-Deer-11 Julien-Salaud-The-GROUND-05 tumblr_nn63b8Ropi1rlaql2o7_1280

Jeongmoon Choi

Jeongmoon Choi creates fantastic three-dimensional thread installations that glow in UV light. His work gave me great inspiration to try to use my surroundings to be able to produce my own work. I would like to be able to experiment with using thread to create a new dimension or world for my work.Jeongmoon-Choi-–-Drawing-in-Space LEAD tumblr_mh95lxmWhI1rra1j7o4_1280

Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe uses his Mexican culture to produce different and colorful installations. discovering this artist gave me inspiration to try to think outside the box, literal in my case and produce an image which is more visually interesting.

_2011-09-24_PEEL-09-2011-6 Gabriel-Dawe-PLEXUS-and-PAIN-series-yatzer-9 large-780x1090 plexus19_01